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Desmond’s Quotes- The Way You Look Tonight

Dave_Brubeck_and_Paul_Desmond_at_Birdland__Marcel_FleissAG335 After focusing on records for so long, this post is a change of pace and a return to one of the original reasons why I started my blog in the first place:  Paul Desmond and Dave Brubeck!  In this edition of ‘Desmond’s Quotes’, I finally and actually solve a mystery that was sparked by something I read in a book. Continue reading



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The Swinger From Rio // Sergio Mendes feat. Art Farmer and Phil Woods (Atlantic SD 1434)

After unexpected travel, I am back at my computer.  And when I say unexpected, I mean exhausting, and when I’m exhausted, there’s nothing like bossa nova to aurally scratch my back and help me relax.  Out of the many jazz bossa nova albums out there, this relatively obscure title by one of those most unobscure (just made a new word.  Webster take notice) Brazilian musicians around hits the spot. Continue reading

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Ritmo Caliente! // Cal Tjader (Fantasy 8077)

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